Open enrollment for 2016 has Ended

19 Aug Open enrollment for 2016 has Ended

UPDATE:  Open enrollment for 2016 has ended.  If you’re looking for a plan now you will need to qualify for a Special Qualifying Event.

The annual open enrollment for individual health insurance begins November 1, 2015 and runs to January 31, 2016.  During open enrollment you can buy health insurance for yourself, and/or your family, from any available carrier without a ‘Special Qualifying Event’. As in the past, current medical conditions are not a factor and there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.


Prices and benefits will vary but some plans will be a better value than others.  Some things to consider are when comparing plans:  Provider Network (HMO, PPO), prescription formulary, and of course benefits such as deductible.  You should take this opportunity to review your options.  Even if you have coverage at work you may be able to save money, or find a better fit, buying an individual plan.  A few carriers are discontinuing some plans or leaving the market entirely.  If this is your situation you will want to make sure to find a replacement plan before the cut-off.


Some people may qualify for a premium subsidy. A subsidy can take the form of a premium reduction and/or increased benefits.  Subsidies are only available on plans purchased through the health exchange.  The health exchange in Colorado is called “Connect for Health Colorado”.  We represent plans both on, and off, the exchange.
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